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The law office of Amy L. Lopez, Attorney at Law is located in Fresno, CA, and focused on family law. For over two decades, attorney Amy Lopez has been advocating and protecting the legal rights of her clients and their families. She’s experienced in family-related issues, including divorce, child visitation, parenting plans and child support. She is well-known for her compassion, personalized approach and effective legal solutions.

Alternative Resolution Strategies for Divorce

Not every divorce needs to wind up in the courtroom. There are alternative resolution strategies that are less costly, adversarial and time consuming when compared to settling matter in family court. As a matter of fact, these alternative options allow both divorcing spouses more control in the final outcome. During mediation, a series of meetings is held with a neutral third party assisting the couple to identify the disputed issues and achieve an agreed resolution. Attorney Amy Lopez acts as a legal coach during the process and helps her client prepare for each meeting. She also meticulously reviews any proposed agreement before you sign on the dotted line. Another option is collaborative divorce. During this type of divorce, attorney Amy Lopez works closely with the opposing in a non-adversarial manner to reach an agreed resolution. Attorney Amy Lopez has experience in both simple and complex divorces.

Child Custody, Child Support and Parenting Plans

Turn to attorney Amy Lopez for questions about child support, child custody and parenting plans. She knows the state’s guidelines for child support and can assist with a child support modification petition should you become unemployed or disabled. She’s experienced in the drafting up of parenting plans for child visitation. Her goal is to act in the best interests of the child.

Family issues are often emotionally charged due to the nature of close relationships. Attorney Amy Lopez helps guide clients through the process to enable the process to run more smoothly. She’s always happy to educate her clients on the legalities of their case and answer any questions. With her personalized approach, clients receive one-on-one care for their individual case.

If you’re facing family-related matter, let attorney Amy Lopez represent your best interests. She’s a shoulder to lean on and a legal professional who you can rely on.

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